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Printing Tips & Page Sizes

For printing tips, please read this post from the blog

Printer Requirements

- You will need a printer that can do 'borderless' printing, otherwise the pages will print with a small white border around all sides. For helpful screenshots, see Tip 1 from the blog.

- Most files are A4 page size which is slightly longer and thinner than letter size (8.5 x 11") paper (I live in Australia and we use A4 size paper), if you go to your printer’s menu, you can change the page size. For instructions on how to do this (it's really easy!) read this post from the blog

- If you require half size planner pages you can also do this by changing a few settings in your printers menu. See this post for instructions (tip 3)

- If you would like to print the pages at another size e.g. 7 x 9" you can do this by choosing 'custom page size' see tip 2

As all printers are different I cannot offer technical support for printing. Please read this post from the blog for printing tips. You may also need to consult your printers manual. No refunds will be made if you are unable to print the pages due to your printer having different settings than shown in the example, of if you do not know how to use your printer. If you are having trouble printing, I recommend taking the file to your local office supply store, or uploading to a print and ship website e.g. Best Value Copy. See this post from the blog for more places where to get files printed.