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Instant Downloads & How to Download Your Purchases

Instant download products state this in the listing description. They are also in categories that have 'Instant Download' in the category title (in the menu at the top of the page). If an item does not say that it is an instant download, or if you are required to enter personalisation (such as a monogram or colour choice) at the checkout, I will email you the files within 48hrs (usually less than 24).

Download links are good for 30 days OR up to 3 downloads (whichever comes first). Please download and immediately save files onto your computer. Once download links have expired they cannot be reset and you will need to purchase the item again. Instant download files are NOT sent via email due to the time involved.

If you would like an instant download item personalised e.g. you would like it in a different colour please DO NOT purchase the item through the instant download listing. Please contact me or send an email to with your request so I can set up a special listing!

Most instant download items (and all sets) come in zipped folders. Please ensure your computer can open zipped folders.

Make sure you are downloading and opening files on a computer or laptop NOT an iPhone, iPad, tablet or other mobile device ect. and make sure you have adobe reader installed to open the PDF files - free download here


1. After you recieve your automated confirmation email, login to your account then click 'completed orders'


2. Click 'view order details'


3. Click 'download files' below the product name.


4. Click the names of each folder (in bold) to download. If the folders do not automatically pop up once they have finished download, ensure pop-ups are not disabled in your internet browser. I recommend using Google Chrome or Fifox. You can also go to the 'Downloads' folder of your computer and search that folder for the files.


If they folders do not automatically pop up when they have finished download, go to the downloads folder of your computer.

The Downloads Folder
Go to the start menu (bottom left) then ‘Computer’ then click on Downloads. All the files you have downloaded (such as from the internet, from emails ect.) will be in that folder. There is a search menu you can use to search the name of the product e.g. travel planner, stickers ect. 

downloads folder


If you still can’t find the files you may have accidentally deleted them. Go to your desktop by clicking the button circled in the image below on the very bottom right of your start menu.

bottom start menu

Then click on the Recycle Bin shortcut which will look like this:

recycle bin

This will bring up all the files you have deleted on your computer. I recommend cleaning this out if you have a lot as they take up valuable space on your computer and the more programs and files you have, the slower your computer will run. In the recycle bin you can search for the name of the set or the printable using the search box (top right).

Click here for another tutorial on how to download and unzip files. 

How to Open/Unzip Zipped File Folders

If you are having trouble opening zipped folders, please see the information below for a step-by-step how to. I am using windows 7.

Note that pop ups should NOT be disabled in your internet browser as this prevents files from downloading. 

Option 1

If, after the file you have downloaded is finishing downloading does not automatically pop up, go to the downloads folder of your computer.

Search for the file in the downloads folder of your computer – go to start – my computer – downloads folder (see above for screenshots)

zipped file folders 2

Then double click on the zipped folder to open.

zipped file folders 3

For the Direct Sales Planner files, each part is sorted into folders by type e.g. contacts, cover and dividers (they are split into 5 parts as this is a huge set). This is not the case for all sets so when you double click to open, each individual PDF file may appear..

zipped file folders 4

… and look similar to this

zipped file folders 5

Right click on the folder and select ‘copy’. If the files show up individually (like above) click and drag to highlight all of the files (so they are shaded in blue) then right click and select ‘copy’

zipped file folders 6

Go to ‘My documents’ and select ‘new folder’ and call this whatever you like e.g. Direct Sales Planner zipped file folders 10

Double click on that folder to go into it, then right click in the white area where it says ‘this folder is empty’ and select ‘paste’

zipped file folders 11

You can now use the files!

Option 2 – If you are having trouble with the above, try extracting the files:

Once you have located the file in the downloads folder of your computer, right click on the zipped folder and select ‘Extract All’

zipped file folders 8

After clicking extract all the menu below will pop up – click browse to choose the destination for the files. Click the box beside ‘show extracted files when complete’ if you want to view the file folder are the files have been extracted (i.e. if you are going to use them straight away)

zipped file folders 7

If neither of the above work I recommend downloading a program such as Winzip.


Make sure you are downloading and opening files on a computer or laptop NOT an iPhone, iPad ect. and make sure you have adobe reader installed to open the PDF files - free download here