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Direct Sales Business Planner Bundle - GREEN - EDITABLE - Instant Download

GREEN - Direct Sales Business Planner Bundle - EDITABLE - Instant Download
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Product Description

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Organize your direct sales business with these 5 planner sets! 

- Direct Sales Planner (EDITABLE)
- Finance set 
- Party Planner
- Etsy Sellers Kit/Business Planner
- Blog Planner 

40% OFF than if you were to purchase each set individually! 

You will receive each set in GREEN. Files will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD shortly after purchasing. Please check your emails for a link to the download page. See HERE to purchase this bundle in another colour/s. PLEASE READ: These are many printables in this bundle so the file folders are zipped. Please ensure your computer can open zipped folders before purchasing!



- Cover Page & Spine (this can be personalised with your choice of text, just mention your cover wording in the notes to seller when checking out e.g. Taylor's Direct Sales Planner')

- This belongs to page
- Dividers (34) – Contacts, time management, Finances, products, parties, business cards, clients, Catalogues, Miscellaneous, Marketing, Goals, Personal, Inventory, Orders, Income, Expenses, Calendars, To Do, Weekly, Receipts, Coaching, My Team, Notes, Tax, My Business, Hostesses, Sales, Customers, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5 (have so many parties you can’t keep up, organize documentation by week to help you find it easier, also good for weekly goal setting, organizing to dos ect .),
- January to December Dividers (12 pages - writing is on the side so you can easily find what month you are looking for)

- 2 page calendar - Sunday and Monday start versions are included (4 pages total)
- 2 Page Weekly planner - Sunday and Monday start versions are included (4 pages total)
- To do checklist
- Monthly to do checklist (blank and filled in – 2 pages)
- Daily Planner
- Undated perpetual 12 month calendar (landscape orientation - 12 pages)
- Weekly planner lined (portrait) – Sunday and Monday start versions are included (2 pages total)
- Weekly planner checklist (portrait) - Sunday and Monday start versions are included (2 pages total)

- Business Ideas
- Goal planner
- Goals
- My Progress (2 pages)
- Important Dates 

- Inventory
- Giveaways summary
- Giveaways 
- Mail tracker - 2 versions
- Free Products
- Replacement orders
- Missing items
- Catalogues
- Samples and Display Inventory
- Wish list
- Re-orders
- Backordered Items
- Backorders

- Comprehensive 13 page party checklist - use all of the pages or only those that you need - includes: guest list, before the party countdown to do lists, information about the hostess and a plan for the party, samples put out at parties and when need to be restocked as well as a review including what worked, what didn't work ect., party summary including expenses, sales, recruits, bookings ect. I recommend using in conjunction with the contacts pages, notes page, the wish list and any other pages that work for you

- Follow Ups - Hostesses (2 pages)
- Customer Information
- Upcoming Events
- Event summary
- Mileage tracker (portrait page orientation)
- Mileage tracker (landscape page orientation)
- Income log - can be used weekly, monthly ect.
- Direct Selling Expenses - (2 pages - blank & filled in) 

- Team Contacts
- Hostess contacts
- Lead contacts
- VIP Customers
- Potential recruits (summary contacts page)
- Potential hostesses (summary contacts page)

- Potential Recruits Checklist Summary – blank + filled in - landscape page orientation - 2 pages)
- New Consultant Checklist – (blank and filled in – 2 pages)
- New Consultant 
- Consultant Inf

- Team Meeting Notes
- Team Meetings summary
- Team Recognition
- My Team 
- Team Coaching

- Bookings 
- Returns
- Order invoice (1 page for up to 8 items and an add on page for larger orders - 2 pages)
- Sales Record (landscape page format)
- Orders tracker

- Lined notes page
- Password Log
- Supplies list - blank and filled in (2 pages)
- Direct selling tips - keep a running list of tips, game ideas ect. you get from other consultants or ideas you come across on the internet, from coaching sessions ect.
- Social media calendar
- Newsletter Subscribers
- Gift Certificates 
- Shopping lists (2 pages)
- Hobby or business? 
- Vendor Shows
- Vendor Shows - Landscape (summary page if you do a lot of vendor shows)
- Direct Sales Expenses by month (landscape, 2 pages) – record the totals for each month
- Spending Record (landscape) 
- Spending Log
- Tax – Record your income (e.g. parties, wholesale, blog ect.), deductions and tax paid to determine your after tax income


**FINANCE SET (54 sheets)** see HERE
- Personalised cover and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder) - leave a message in the notes to seller with your choice of text (personalised cover sent within 48hrs)

- 3 page Monthly Budget 
- Spending Record
- Lined Note Paper
- Paid Bills Checklist
- Monthly Receipts Divider Pages (12)
- Monthly Divider Pages (12)
- Other Divider Pages (coupons, debt, banking, tax documents, bills to pay & paid bills - 6 sheets)
- Perpetual Monthly Finance Calendar (12 sheets)
- Monthly Spending Summary
- Yearly Finances Summary
- Financial Goals
- Debt Tracker

- Personalised cover and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder) - leave a message in the notes to seller with your choice of text (personalised cover sent within 48hrs)

- Business Goals
- Item Cost Worksheet
- Monthly Profit and Loss
- Supplies
- Product Planner (2 sheets)
- Week at a glance in 30min increments
- Product Inventory
- Product Price Index
- Advertising and Marketing
- How much should I sell my item for?
- Monthly Work Schedule
- Monthly Plans
- Etsy and PayPal Fees
- Work Daily Time Planner
- Sales Log
- Newsletter Subscribers
- Weekly Time-Keeping (2 sheets perfect for binding into a notebook)
- Weekly Work Planner
- Work To Do List
- To Call List
- To Email List
- Day Planner
- Custom Order Form
- Sales Record
- Online Auctions

BLOG PLANNER (30 sheets - NOT editable) see HERE
- Personalised cover and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder) - leave a message in the notes to seller with your choice of text (personalised cover sent within 48hrs)

- 12 Month Perpetual Calendar (12 pages)
- Advertising and Sponsors
- Blog Contacts
- Blog Expenses
- Blog Improvement Ideas
- Blog Posts Plan of Action
- Blog Post Planner
- Blog Post Topics
- Blog Projects
- Blog Statistics
- Blogging Schedule
- Blog Series Planner
- Blog Planner
- Monthly Plans
- Note Paper
- Blog Giveaways
- Password Log
- Social Media Schedule
- Weekly Blog Planner


**PARTY PLANNER (14 sheets - in hot pink as shown - NOT editable)** see HERE
- Party Planner Cover Page (3 styles) and spine (in 3 sizes to suit any binder)
- Party Schedule 
- Party Planner 
- Party Guest List 
- Party To Do List (2 sheets - Blank & Filled In Versions)
- Party Menu and Shopping List 
- Gift List 
- Children's Party Budget (2 sheets) 
- Party Budget (2 sheets) 
- Lined note paper


Notes on EDITABLE documents:
- When you open the files there will be light blue boxes where you can type in your information (this will NOT remain light blue when printed).
- You can still print and hand-write on the sheets (the blue boxes won't appear on your printed copy)
- The fillable font is helvetica in black
- The checkboxes are not editable. The forms are intended for filling out on the computer, then printing out and checking each item off as you go
- The actual layout of the printable including pattern, pattern colour, font style, existing text ect. are not editable and cannot be changed

How to add your own text & print the planner pages:


All printables are in PDF format. You will need to download adobe reader (it's free!). These sheets can be printed on 8.5" x 11" and A4 size paper.
There are 2 copies of each sheet allowing you to do 2 per page page printing then cut in half for half size pages, or you can do duplex printing. The pages are set to 'full bleed' or 'borderless' if you do not have a computer that can do borderless printing, the pages will print with a small white border. See here for printing tips. 

Sets come in zipped folders. Please ensure your computer or laptop can open zipped folders. 

The watermarks will NOT appear on your copy.
Please note that this is a digital product and no physical product will be sent.
Colours may vary depending on your monitor and printer.
There are no refunds on digital items.
See here for printing tips

© AllAboutTheHouse - For personal use only!
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'Wonderful product!!! There are so many options included with this planner that you just will not find anywhere else. It is more then worth the money. I am so glad I purchased this! I can't wait to see what it will do for my business!'

'It comes with so many options that this will work for everyone's. I am only using 1/3 of the templates but I'm glad I have the other pages templates in case I need them in the future as my company grows!'

'LOVE all the different documents that are included in this kit! Thanks for simplifying my job!'

'Huge printable. Great for 31 consultants'

'I love this so much!!!! It has really helped me stay organized!!!'

'Love the images and the quantity of different style sheets available. The direct download is awesome too!'

'Very helpful, love all the layouts and designs!!'

'Great - Exactly what I needed'

'Works great for my advocare business!'

'Everything I could possibly think I need and more!! Extremely happy with purchase! I'll be buying more for other things!'

'Exactly what I need for my new consultant gig!'

'Quick and friendly seller! Thank you.'

'Quick and easy...just what I was looking for!'

***Please read the terms and conditions, editable info, returns policy and information regarding instant downloads before purchasing***

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