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Etsy Shop Seller Spreadsheets Bundle (Use in Excel or Google Docs)

Etsy Shop Seller Spreadsheets Bundle (Use in Excel or Google Docs)

Product Description

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These 13 Excel spreadsheets are designed to streamline your shop's inventory management, keep track of when supplies are running low and how listings are performing (so you know which products to focus on). Also included are product list templates which you can send to wholesale customers if you want to sell to retailers.

Files will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD after payment has cleared - please check your Etsy registered email address for the link to the download page. 
- Instant download - start using it straight away!
- Excel file format (can also be used in Google Docs)
- Can be used by ANY Etsy seller or online business owner - regardless or whether you sell digital or physical products
- Purchase once and these can be re-used again and again each year

Income and Expenses Tracking (5 Spreadsheets) 

- Tax deductions list
- Income & expenses
- Annual summary
- Other income
- Craft shows

Inventory Management (13 spreadsheets):

- Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
- Pricing Worksheet
- Competitive Pricing (Market Analysis)
- Inventory
- Inventory (with photos)
- Product Analysis
- Wholesale Products List
- Product List
- Product List (with space to add photos)
- Service List
- Product Restocks
- To Order List
- Renewed Listings

Pricing Calculator (1 Spreadsheet) 

- Calculate your cost of goods sold (COGS) - handy when tax time rolls around
- Quickly determine how much to charge for products to ensure you make a profit by entering your desired markup - it will calculate both retail and wholesale prices.
- Track which products are performing well, which are not and which bring in the most profit so you can determine which products you should focus on
- You want to save time by not having to build spreadsheets from scratch/develop your own system - all the work has been done for you!
- You need to know your cost of goods sold and profit for tax reporting purposes
- If business is picking up or you've been in business for a while and need a system for tracking your inventory
- If you offer different pricing levels e.g. retail and wholesale and need one convenient place to store all this info
- Want to determine which products are unpopular, too time consuming or not profitable enough and which you should discontinue so you can focus on perfecting your hit products
- Need a way to track when you need to re-order inventory
- Instant Download
- Simple, clean, non-gender specific design
- Purchase once and these can be re-used again and again each year
- Formulas automatically calculate
- The top row/column titles will not move when you scroll down the excel file, so you don't need to scroll back up to the top of the worksheet, to remember what to enter in each column
- Tips and examples are in the spreadsheets to help guide you/recommended use (hover your mouse over cells that have a red triangle in the corner)
- Also included is an 8 page guide with instructions & tips on how to use Microsoft Excel

- Can be used by new and experience Etsy sellers, and/or if you have an online shop outside of Etsy

Files will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD after payment has cleared - please check your email address for the link to the download page.

This is intended for keeping track of all your finished, ready to sell products. There is a ‘quick reference’ section where you can note what SKU letters/codes you use for what products.

Using this spreadsheet, you can also note the cost price and retail price (which you can refer to if someone is purchasing multiple and you would like to offer a discount but ensure you’ll still make a profit), as well as the customisation fee you charge, based on e.g. the extra labour required to add an element to a product based on a customer’s request, or additional costs for using a different material etc.

This is the same as the spreadsheet above but with an additional column if you want to add photos. This spreadsheet is best suited to shops that have a lot of products and each product is slightly different. For example, if you sell washi tape, there are an overwhelming amount of patterns, designs and colours!

The filter tools can be used to easily sort your products by category and SKU.

Instructions are included in the download on how you can add your own photos.

Use this spreadsheet to calculate the total product cost (cost of materials) as well as labour, packaging, shipping etc. You can keep track of what employee created what product, which is helpful when working out how much they need to be paid.

Replace 'Material 1' with the type of material used e.g. beads, fabric etc. then type the cost of this material in the column below.

If you have a person, company or retailer interested in placing a large order with you and you’re going to offer them wholesale pricing then use this spreadsheet. You can add photos of the product, the category and name (so you can use one spreadsheet for all of your products and they can filter the categories to see only those they are interested in), product names and SKU (product number codes), how much you currently have in stock, the retail price, the wholesale price, minimum order quantity, bulk order quantity and bulk discount rate if applicable.

Use this to track how much your competitors charge for similar products. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the average price. You can also use it to compare pricing for similar things you order from your wholesalers or suppliers.

Keep pricing information for all of your products in one convenient place for quick reference. Using this helps you calculate what price to charge by building up a cost based on materials, labour, if there is a customisation fee (e.g. if the customer wanted a different colour), packaging, shipping, wholesale markup, retail markup etc.

If you're interested in a more detailed pricing worksheet, see

You can use this for your products (if you sell a lot of different types of washi tape, for example), but it is intended for your supplies/material (inputs used to make your products).

Same as above but without the column for photos

The spreadsheet is formatted for the initial order and up to 4 restocks (you can add more columns if needed). There is space to record the item, the date the order was placed, the date the order was received (this helps you determine lead times and when you should order to ensure you receive the product/supply before you sell out), as well as a section to record when you have updated your inventory after receiving the shipment, updated your expenses and filed away the receipt for the order so you can stay on top of your book-keeping and are organised when tax time comes around!

Use this to keep a list of all the products you need to order (kind of like a shopping list/wish list). You can filter by supplier so you only see all items that need to be purchased from that supplier/store, then print out for a shopping list, or send to your supplier when placing an order with them.

Keep track of your total profit for each product, based on quantity sold and profit (sale price less your cost price). This will show you which products you should focus more time on.

The spreadsheet will also tell you which products are your top 10% (most popular - the cells will highlight in green) and which are in your bottom 10% (least popular – the cells will highlight in red). It will do this for both the quantity sold column and the profit column. You can use this information to see which products sell well but perhaps have a low profit margin to assist with pricing and determining the right product mix/amounts to stock.

I recommend using this for listings that aren’t selling very well. Keep track of the date listed/renewed, listed price and quantity sold during each of the 4 quarters of a year. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the total quantity sold for the year and the average price for the year, there is a notes column to record any notes you want e.g. ‘discontinue this product’

The spreadsheet will also tell you which products are your top 10% (most popular - the cells will highlight in green) and which are in your bottom 10% (least popular – the cells will highlight in red) based on the quantity sold (it will tell you for each quarter and for the entire year).

Use this if you sell labour/hourly rates based products. For example, if you sell shop coaching, webinars, run tutorial classes etc.


I am unfortunately unable to provide after sales advice/troubleshooting on how to use Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. Basic excel skills are required. If you convo me requesting assistance I unfortunately will not be able to answer due to time constraints. There are NO REFUNDS under any circumstances, including if you do not have basic excel skills.

I accept no responsibility for errors that may be made in this spreadsheet. I am not accountant – I have created these spreadsheets based on my years of experience running an Etsy shop and online business. You are responsible for ensuring values (such as PayPal fees and tax rates relevant to your country) and formulas are correct - I recommend that you carefully check you have entered the correct vales and have not over-ridden formulas prior to using the information for taxes and financial reporting, and consultant an accountant if required.

These templates are strictly for YOUR BUSINESS USE ONLY. They are © AllAboutTheHouse Printables – you may not modify, reproduce or alter the templates, share with others or sell in original and/or modified format. I will not hesitate to proceed with legal action for violation of these terms of use.

By purchasing you accept and agree to the above terms of use.  
These spreadsheets were made in Excel 2013. They have been tested and also work in Excel 2010. They should also work with earlier version of Excel although I cannot guarantee this. I am not responsible if you do not have Excel 2013 or 2010/if you are using a different software program and the files do not work. There are no refunds if these files will not work with your PC/laptop, or if you do not have basic excel skills and have problems formatting and/or using the spreadsheets.

The spreadsheets are intending for using on your computer or laptop (digital files to be used digitally), but if you wish to print the spreadsheet and file paper copies at the end of the year, this spreadsheet can be printed.

Most instant download items (and all sets) come in zipped folders. Please ensure your computer can open zipped folders.

The watermarks will NOT appear on your copy.

Colours may vary depending on your monitor and printer.

There are no refunds on digital items.
Please note that this is a digital product and no physical product will be sent.

Files will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD after payment has cleared - please check the email address used to place your order for an automatic email containing the link to the download page.
Plenty more business tools available in the shop including:

- Editable Printable Order form template
- Catalogue template (fully customisable Photoshop file format containing 35 different page designs)
- Pricing Worksheet for Excel or Google Docs
- Business Spreadsheets for tracking income and expenses
- How to write product descriptions ecourse
- Business planner (no chevrons)
- Finance & budgeting planner printables 

- Business planner: 
- Blog Planner:
- Lists Kit:
- Work at home mama:
- Get it all (all planner sets in the shop!)

All sheets are (c) AllAboutTheHouse
Digital scrapbooking store:
Online store:
Shop blog:

***Please read the terms and conditions, editable info, returns policy and information regarding instant downloads before purchasing***

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