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BLACK - EDITABLE Craft Show Planner, Trade Show, Handmade Market - Instant Download

BLACK - Craft Show Planner

Product Description

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Planning on attending a craft show, handmade markets or trade show? 

Stay organized and on track with this printable planner! Plan everything from time management to marketing to products, keep track of sales, spending, collect newsletter signups, pre-orders and custom orders while at the show, then conduct a review & analysis after each show to see where you can improve so you have a better result at the next show! 

This listing is for the BLACK version. Files will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD shortly after purchasing. Please check your emails for a link to the download page. 

This planner comes in 7 colors: pink, purple, green, light blue, dark blue, grey and black. To purchase a different color, see HERE.


- Cover and Spine - 3 different phrases: Craft Show Planner, Trade Show Planner, Markets Planner

- 'This belongs to' page in case you lose your planner

- Annual craft show planner – at the start of the year, record all of the craft shows you could or intend to attend, as well as the date they are held to help you plan when you need to start making inventory, marketing etc.

- Countdown to markets - (4 pages) pre-filled with all the tasks you need to do before your show including marketing, products, stall/booth planning etc. - there is space to add a few more of your own tasks as well

- Countdown to markets (4 pages – weekly countdown with blank checklist - so you can add tasks unique to your business)

- Show Checklist – for to do’s, supplies, products to make etc. (blank - so you can add tasks unique to your business)

- Show sales log – keep a running tally of items as you sell them, then total up so you can calculate inventory remaining, make sure nothing was stolen, and determine revenue by products, so you can see which products are your top sellers and where you should focus your time & energy

- Order form (if you only want to purchase this printable and not the entire craft show planner, it's also available separately here: ) 

- Inventory (portrait and landscape page orientation versions) - 2 page total

- Babysitter notes – leave this with the babysitter (or your spouse, aunt, grandparent etc.) wile you’re attending the craft market, trunk show etc. (2 pages)

- Shows research (2 pages)

- Newsletter signup sheet - great way to increase your chance of sales after the market/show has ended

- Show marketing plan – before, during and after the show as well as a review of what worked and didn’t work

- Insurance policies – compare when choosing insurance policies and keep track of when your insurances expire

- Flight info - if you're flying to the event, keep track of your travel info on this page

- Stall/booth layout – plan your booth and each table (including what products and display items will be on each) (2 pages) 

- Price list with columns for product, SKU code and price (doubles as a products you're taking with you list)

- Holiday prep checklist (filled in and blank versions - 2 pages)

- Potential wholesalers - if you find other sellers at the markets that you want to purchase wholesale from, keep track of their details on this page

- Potential retailers - if you connect with other sellers at the markets that want to stock your products, keep track of their details on this page

- Spending log – one page to keep a running track of expenses

- Spending log – categorized – 1 page per type of expenses e.g. marketing, display and booth set up, product supplies and miscellaneous (to record transport, hire costs, insurance, staff wages costs etc.) (4 pages) 

- Show expenses - includes space to record budgeted and actual amounts spent - transfer your totals from the spending log to this page

- Show expenses (categorized) - 2 pages includes space to record the budgeted and actual amounts spent - transfer your totals from the spending log to this page to track how much you actually spend and if you need to budget more or less for each expense category

- Customer feedback - have customers fill this out, or write notes when you return home (or if there’s a lull in sales while you're at the craft show) to keep track of feedback on your products. This could include: size, color, style, shape, quantity e.g. do people want more colors than you currently offer? That's a good indication of what products you should be making next

- Lined note paper

- Weekly time tracker (2 page portrait orientation in half hour time increments with a to do check list for the week) – so you made $2,000 at your last craft show - but how much time did you spend? Keep track of where your time went (from planning through to sending orders after the show) to see if it was actually worthwhile for the amount of time involved 

- Supplies checklist - checklist of everything you need to take to a craft show/market etc. - there's also space to add your own times to bring unique to your shop

- Supplies to order (for products) – supply, where from and a column to check off when purchased (so you don't accidentally order the same item twice)

- Shipping cost/freight cost comparison 

- Pre-orders sign up list - one page for all products

- Pre-orders sign up list - use one page for each product that customers can pre-order

- Waiting list sign up sheet (for out of stock products) - one page for all products

- Waiting list sign up sheet (for out of stock products) - use one page for each product that customers can pre-order

- Shows review - keep a summary of all of the shows you attended to help you determine which ones made a lot of profit, which weren't worth the time invested and which aren’t worthwhile returning to next year

- Shows - year in review - record which shows were your least and most profitable, what strategies worked and didn't work and what you'll do differently next year

- Booth layout
- Stall layout
- Expenses
- Orders
- Custom Orders
- Pre Orders
- Wholesale
- Retailers
- Contacts
- Insurances
- Products 
- Supplies
- Checklists
- Inventory
- Receipts
- Marketing
- Products 
- Catalogues (Catalogs spelling version also include)
- Samples 
- Transport 
- Time tracking 
- Sales
- Year in Review
- To do
- To Order
- Price List
- Miscellaneous
- Notes
- Before craft show
- After craft show
- Before markets
- After markets

- 12 months of the year dividers (January, February, March etc.) - text is on the side so you can easily find the month you're looking for when flicking through your planner

100 pages total!

This planner comes in 7 colors: pink, purple, green, light blue, dark blue, grey and black. To purchase a different color, please send me a convo (as this set is new, not all colors are listed in the shop yet). 


Notes on EDITABLE documents:
- When you open the files there will be light blue boxes where you can type in your information (this will NOT remain light blue when printed).
- You can still print and hand-write on the sheets (the blue boxes won't appear on your printed copy)
- The fillable font is helvetica in black
- The checkboxes are not editable. The forms are intended for filling out on the computer, then printing out and checking each item off as you go
- The actual layout of the printable including pattern, pattern colour, font style, existing text ect. are not editable and cannot be changed

How to add your own text & print the planner pages:




All printables are in PDF format. You will need to download adobe reader (it's free!). These sheets can be printed on 8.5" x 11" and A4 size paper.

There are 2 copies of each sheet allowing you to do 2 per page page printing then cut in half for half size pages, or you can do duplex printing. See here for printing tips.

The watermarks will NOT appear on your copy.
Please note that this is a digital product and no physical product will be sent.
Colours may vary depending on your monitor and printer.
There are no refunds on digital items.
See here for printing tips

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